Mika Marcondes de Freitas

Mika Marcondes

Mika Marcondes de Freitas

Long-Term Traveler and Mathematician

Mika was born and raised in Brazil, formally educated in the US, awaken in Denmark, then re-educated on the Road. He now lives with his wife near the Carpathians in West Ukraine.

As a global citizen and global learner, Mika has a keen disregard for boundaries — institutional, disciplinary, social, whatever. He values experience and conversation.

He has a PhD in Mathematics, and his education and professional experience add up to 14 years in the field. Along those years he’s taught and mentored students from elementary to master’s level, and interacted with scholars from varied backgrounds and expertises, including 5 years of original interdisciplinary research on the interface with Biology.

But Mika prefers to identify himself as an expert long-term budget traveler these days. He’s logged over 13,000 Km of overland travel by bicycle and at least another 17,000 Km hitchhiking across dozens of countries, in stretches of up to five months along the past two years. Inspired by the many different ways to live he observed on the road, Mika decided to leave academia.

He’s now exploring the meaning of “success” and pushing the limits of what it might be possible to “achieve” in other dimensions. This is work in progress. In a world of increasing polarization and institutional distrust, Mika also wants to share his process challenging his most basic assumptions about the world and himself, and seeking to connect with his most basic needs — he believes that to be the foundation for productive dialog and stable change.

Mika is grateful for this opportunity to present at TEDxDrobetaTurnuSeverin and share the stage with such a promising line-up. He’s looking forward to learning even more about the world, starting new conversations and challenging his assumptions further!