Thinkers. Doers. Idea-generators.

Speakers are the highlights of TEDxDrobetaTurnuSeverin. They are the people who bring ideas to life. Ideas Worth Spreading.

This edition welcomes:

  • Andrei Avram, President of the National Organisation of Romanian Scouts
  • Patrick Brăila, Trans Activist and Self Made Man
  • Florina Cîrlan, Head of IT
  • Mustafa Olabi, Syrian Refugee in Romania
  • Mika Marcondes de Freitas, Long – Term Traveler and Mathematician
  • Shirina Ștefănescu-Albu, Attorney at Law
  • Alex Puicea, Music creator
  • Tzigania Project, TBC, promoter of Gipsy traditions
  • Diana Moga, TBC, Vegan chef

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