Behind the scenes of TEDxDrobetaTurnuSeverin is a motivated, enthusiastic, and ambitious team of local volunteers. They are planning and organizing this event for one year, and have already started to think about the next edition – still on the first Saturday of November.

Iasmina_sIasmina is one of the two awesome people who is keeping us all together, making sure we each have clear things to do, and all our questions are being answered. All volunteers are under her responsibility, and she is happy to start evening conversations.




Cristi is passionate about nature, loves traveling, adventures and art in every form. He is working together with Dănuț to create your goodies bag, having in mind the theme of this event: Challenge. Inspire. Create. and also the direction: Made by hand.


Bianca_sBianca is sociable, hard working person, interested  in multiculturalism and making changes at the educational level for a better world. She will be the ‘person behind the scenes’ – making sure everything flows in the part that no one sees.


Roxi_sRoxi is pathologically curious, she questions the unknown and challenges what is known. Her way of living is based on three main principles: involvement, change and creation. For the event, she is preparing various elements that ensure the best networking between our guests.

Igor_sAlex is your to-go person if you have a bad day, or are in need of uncanny jokes. He is currently a student at the Military Academy, but has a keen interest in creating, editing and transforming videos and photos. He is in charge with the technical aspects of the conference.


Narcis_sNarcis will be that person whom you don’t want to see on stage – he is responsible with the good flow of filming, recording, sounds and videos. He is also a very friendly, organised and curious guy, with a good eye for details.


Maria C_s
Maria loves poetry, going to the theater and camping. She is in charge with planning and organizing all the small details related to coffee breaks and lunch. Food and drinks are also seen as part of our general direction: Made by hand.


Maria N_s
Maria is the future veterinary of your (future) pet: she absolutely loves animals, and takes good care of them. At the event, she is in the same team with Maria, responsible with the catering part of our conference.


Andreea is a pretty funny person, helpful, and sometimes hurtful honest and sincere. She thinks art is “when creativity takes courage” (Henri Matisse) so she decided to help with decoration ideas and elements.



Cristina is witty, strong and able to talk about books for weeks. Together with Iasmina, she is co-coordinating the volunteers team, making sure we all have what we need in order to organize a great event.


Dănuț is passionate about science, entrepreneurship, education and nature. He’s got a burning desire for improvement and an unending thirst for knowledge. He is responsible for the goodies bags, along with Cristi.



Gabi is a musician who also enjoys working in other artistic fields, always willing to build and try new things. For the event he’s using his creative juice to make graphic design and decorations.



Diana is an extremely sharp, dynamic person. Her many years spent with the Scouts helped her develop a self-reliant mentality, which, when combined with her altruistic character, make her the ideal person for engaging and working with people from all walks of life.




Bibi loves to spend time with her friends and family. She also enjoys traveling and trying new things. Bibi will bake muffins for you and hopes that you will like it.




Adi is the person who is always there when you need help. He cares about the well being of the ones around him, because that’s what brings him joy. For the event he makes sure everyone has their own place.



Maria is a sociable person,who loves art of any form, and traveling. She tries to make people happy with small gestures. Maria will keep an eye on the details that make this event to be amazing.



Delia is a kinda shy person, but always willing to learn something new, to help and to smile, as she tries to make others happy too. Meeting new people is always a good experience and she is glad to be there for you.



Andreea is sociable, ambitious and interested in all the vintage stuff. Her motto in life is “If it scares you, it’s a sign you need to do it.” For the event she will be in charge with the design of the breaks.



Alexa is a creative, inspired and happy person. As a future architect, she is a really fun person to work with, that always puts you in a great mood. Alexa will keep an eye on the details that make this event to be amazing.



Andrada is a hardworking and ambitious person, who loves nature and traveling. Andrada will keep an eye on the details that make this event to be amazing.




Crista is friendly and sociable, she will do anything to help a friend in need. She loves all about music and cooking. For this event she is in charge of creating your goodies bags.




Roberta is kind and very good at communicating with all sorts of people. She enjoys testing her limits and see how far she can go. Roberta will keep an eye on the details that make this event to be amazing.

Delia 2


Delia is a positive person and always looking for beauty in every person , moment or situation. She is responsible with creating decoration pieces that underline the beauty of this event.




Daniela is a kind person who likes helping people and being creative. She likes all types of culture and plans to travel the world. Daniela will keep an eye on the details that make this event to be amazing.



Ionuț is a very polite and funny young man who will be happy to assist you. Being extremely handy, he is the person to find should you encounter any technical problem.




Miruna is a nature and animal lover and always tries to help others. She is a vibrant and friendly person who enjoys talking to everyone. Miruna is one of the people who does the catering at the event.



Adriana is interested in art and communication. She is the person behind many of the emails that were sent to you on behalf of the TEDx team, and will greet you at the entrance.




Roxi is an ambitious and competitive person. She likes nature and loves to make people smile. Roxi will keep an eye on the details that make this event to be amazing.




Adina is communicative, competitive, but with a sense of responsibility. She loves to experience new things and to be surrounded by motivated people. Adina will keep an eye on the details that make this event to be amazing.



Cristina is a person who enjoy adventures and is open to learn new things, be in nature and explore its beauty. At this event she will prepare the goodies bags together with the other volunteers.




Iulia is committed, optimistic, trying to help whenever she can. She thinks there’s always room for more, no matter what. She is making sure your goodies are all put together in a nice way.




Mihai loves football and deserts (both cooking and eating them).
He has an unique sense of humor and likes socializing with unknown people. He is a particularly strong boy, so find him if you need help moving or carrying heavy stuff.



Oana is ambitious, friendly, and lives a life full of music. Her future plans are to travel as much as possible and become known for what she loves to do. You will her at the entrance, where she’ll greet you with a smile.



Dana really likes to smile, play, and create experiences – she is the person to contact if things go unplanned. She considers herself lucky to be part of an amazing team that invested a lot of effort and time in making TEDxDrobetaTurnuSeverin happen.